WATCH: Could Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton? Yes, But…

Star Parker recently appeared on a British news channel to comment on Donald Trump’s debate remarks. The host asked whether she was insulted by Trump calling women fat pigs and slobs.

“I think half the country was not impressed — when you think about the female voter, when you think about the mothers, when you think about the grandmothers, when you think about the young girls that are competitive in the business world as well as the political world. Yes, I believe that he owes an apology to the women of this country who take very seriously these debates and are taken very seriously who should lead the country over the next eight years.”

The host said Trump doesn’t do apologies, which “astonishingly” doesn’t seem to harm him in the polls.

Star acknowledged that people in this country are frustrated. “We know that Donald Trump is touching issues that people are concerned about.” When Republicans had control of the White House and Congress, for example, what did they do to get things done? Not much, and their base is frustrated. “But the answer is not to demean people. The answer is not to set up a dictatorship in Washington.” Trump told us he wasn’t going to prepare for the debates, Star said. We’re a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. “This is a consensus government,” she said. “It is not a business where you come in and just fire people that you don’t like or call them names.”

Robert Kiger of Citizens for Restoring USA Super PAC said that his group isn’t raising money for Donald Trump. They’re trying to make sure the next president is a Republican (though his group favors Trump). He added that the media have taken Trump’s “fat pig” remarks out of context. He’d been referring to actress Rosie O’Donnell, not all women.

With so many Republican hopefuls running, the host said to Star, it looks like “chaos” or a “food fight.”

“Actually, it wasn’t,” Star said, referring to the debate. “And there we can be thankful for Donald Trump to elevate the national discussion to the point that the American people were engaged. More than 10 million engaged in that debate.”

Did the Republicans on the debate stage distinguish between the two parties and make a case for the party? Check out the brief clip.

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  1. There is plenty of outrage in the Black Community over Megan Kelly’s and Fox’s treatment of Donald Trump. what has the last 5 Globalist NWO Presidents done about Jobs? Nothing but send them out of the country. Trump creates jobs and negotiates and wins with China and others.