Watch: CRT Is Coming for Our Kids

In a video for Protect Our Kids, Marc Little, an attorney and the executive director for Cure America Action, Inc., tells the truth about “critical race theory” (CRT).

CRT isn’t just a faddish theory invented by American leftists. Little said it’s “much more ominous than most people think. It’s a worldview, an orthodoxy that threatens the underpinnings of western civilization. CRT advances the same old tread-worn goal of Marxism, but with new labels.”

Different words, same meanings. “Oppressor” and “oppressed” have replaced “bourgeoisie” and “proletariat.”

In CRT, slavery no longer controls our bodies, Little said, but it still controls our minds. The theory “demands that we hold on to slavery, no matter the form, so that we may remain in bondage.”

CRT pushes a new class warfare, “based on self-serving and contrived definitions of privilege and victimhood.”

Are you white, heterosexual, “cisgendered,” native-born, and able-bodied? Then you might be an oppressor. Watch the clip below to hear more.

Protect Our Kids is a coalition of concerned parents and other members of communities in California who believe the so-called California Healthy Youth Act, or AB 329, violates the sacred relationship between parent and child.

“We acknowledge that public schools have a role in educating children on matters of basic biology, anatomy, and reproduction. However, discussions concerning and promoting sexual intimacy, sexual orientation and gender identity are matters that far exceed the rightful boundaries of the public-school system.”

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  1. It’s a cheap shot to look into the background of a teacher and then persecute him/her because of a personal history or private life you may oppose. That’s done in Communist countries…not here.

  2. Great video, very well done. Sharing this on my blog.