WATCH: Deneen Borelli on Sanctuary for Lawbreaking Foreigners

Last week, an illegal alien who’d been kicked out of the country fives times murdered a woman named Kate Steinle. The murderer said he kept returning because he knew San Francisco protected foreigners who have no regard for U.S. law.

San Francisco’s sanctuary status isn’t theoretical or unofficial. Local lawmakers passed an ordinance back in 1989 that mandated officials to ignore federal law.

This is so bad that even Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement is throwing the city under the bus.

Deneen Borelli, Outreach Director for FreedomWorks, appeared on Fox News, along with liberal and Fox contributor Jehmu Greene, to comment. Borelli said her heart goes out Steinle’s family and to families of victims who don’t make the headlines.

“Clearly, it’s the liberal progressive policies that are killing Americans.” The city should get rid of the sanctuary ordinance.

Greene agreed that the illegal alien shouldn’t have been on the streets, but she accused people of “politicizing” this murder “in such a way to vilify all undocumented Americans…”

Ms. Greene, illegal aliens are not Americans. If I illegally entered France or overstayed my visa, for example, then worked under the table (or not), would I be an “undocumented Frenchwoman?” No. I’d be an American lawbreaker on foreign soil.

Why would anyone defend lawbreaking and deflect from this murder?

The primary goal, Borelli said, is to protect American citizens. The deported murderer had a felony record, and four Democrats running for president support sanctuary cities.

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  1. She’s right. Liberals/dems are destroying EVERYTHING they touch; they make sure they touch EVERYthing.
    The opposition voice in the video like all dems/libs are hypocrites & liars. Wasn’t the Charleston shooter equated with ALL Southerners, Whites.
    Jamu is an idiot.

  2. ‘UNDOCUMENTED AMERICANS’ is a boldfaced admission to revisionism…Lawbreakers. Now the Blame Game of no one taking accountability. Let’s focus on the WH/ DOJ putting the squeeze on ICE and FBI, Border Patrols and other despicable methods of breaking the Laws. The laws require All Illegal entry be followed up on. The Federal Government Individuals are not only letting illegals into the country they have let 65,000 Illegal Alien criminals out of jails. Use your imagination and try to figure out why…

  3. Jehmu: “We are a nation of laws” BUT those who break them by the VERY act of entering this country, well, they should be protected.

  4. I live in California, for now, there are posters all over about “undocumented Californians”. This is propaganda pure and simple, it is merely vote driven. The Democrats want the votes, they don’t care how they can get them. That’s all this is. They misuse the language to further their goals, this is right out of the Salinsky playbook. The real word for these people is “Illegal Aliens”. They do not deserve to be given the dignity of the table immigrant, that should be a name reserved for this people who are waiting in line to legally emigrate to the US. The illegal aliens have already committed a crime by being here. That is all the evidence you need, that they cannot be trusted.

  5. jamoo what an ignorant progressive obamaite liberal bigoted dunce. UNDOCUMENTED AMERICAN??????? She needs to be deported along with all the illegal mexican criminals, there is a legal way for Mexican people and others to become citizens, then all immigrants need to assimilate, the Americans with Mexican heritage should be outraged and I personally know some that are.

  6. Why do you bleach your hair jamoo, you don’t like what God gave you or are you trying to be more us crackers / white?