WATCH: Does America Want a President Who Asked a Communist Dictator to Protect a Cop-Killing U.S. Fugitive?

Will Rep. Maxine Waters run for president? Should she? Not if people listen to columnist Larry Elder.

He was on Fox News to comment on the lawmaker’s negative remarks about the GOP in general and the president specifically, and her ethical lapses.

Rep. Waters wrote to the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro asking him to protect cop killer Assata Shakur, a fugitive from justice, after the U.S. sought her extradition from Cuba. Rep. Waters accused the CIA of creating the 1980s and 1990s crack cocaine epidemic, among other inane allegations.

Watch the brief clip to hear what else Elders has to say.

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One comment

  1. Who keeps voting her into office? What mindset do they have? Do they have a mind? Sharing this on my blog.