WATCH: Donald Trump is Correct About Racial Violence

Yesterday, our pastors gathered in Washington, DC to defend our President, defend our culture, and to defend his agenda to fix our inner-cities.

In this interview I gave after our press conference today, you will hear what I say about the race attack in Charlottesville and the aim of the media to paint conservatives and our President as racists.

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  1. I agree with Star. The president’s original statement focused on the violence. Violence is not protected constitutionally. Race is protected and freedom to hate or love is liberty.

  2. As usual, Star has it correct. God bless her!

    Here’s something that’s quite interesting:

  3. Star Parker makes a good point about “big government.” Since the 14th Amendment and, about 100 years later, passage of the Civil Rights Act, big government has tried to “legislate the heart” when people don’t want that.

  4. Thank you for being a voice of reason in the midst of all the hateful rhetoric related to this past Saturday. You are absolutely right when you say that the President’s original remarks about the violence which is being fed by both sides, alt-left and alt-right, reflect the “real” problem. Americans need to take a long hard look at themselves and take responsibility for their personal behavior. The government is too big and too removed in many areas for it to function as well as it could. Members of Congress need to work with the President and represent “we the People” instead of personal agendas and special interest groups.

  5. The president talks a lot of talk but has so far failed to achieve anything when it comes to his promises of helping inner city communities, in fact, all he has done was to urge the police to use more force. I thought it was brave of Ken Fraizer to resign. You speak of smaller government yet Trumps executive orders have proven he thinks about his power and less about a smaller government. Most of his promises were made to sway voters to vote for him- and here he is only making our divide worse. You mentioned something in a fox news article about the confederate flags coming down only to raise the rainbow flags up- you must be living in a fantasy land. No one is trying to force a rainbow flag anywhere. We have them to resist to the groups that are shoving hate into the world, hate against gays, blacks, immigrants, women, etc. It’s a symbol of equality, that which is confined to the individuals who embrace their differences but not to force them on other people. A smaller government in your eyes would be to allow business to dismcriminate, ban abortion, define marriage, repress voters, etc. How exactly is that instilling a smaller government, that just seems like forcing government into personal lives- but it’s the government that’s allowed you to be in your position, that took your ancestors out of the plantations and into society. Maybe if it was 150 years ago you would think differently.

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  6. I just heard part of Star’s comments on C-span this morning, never before knowing of her. God bless you, Star. More people need to wave the flag of God above that of any other…and be willing to salute it…because when you lose the source of personal freedom and morality, you’re easily deceived and always working to chain accountability to others.

  7. A voice of reason in the midst of all the jerking knees.