WATCH: Dr. Alveda King on 'Selma' and Race Relations

Dr. Alveda King recently appeared on “The World Over,” with host Raymond Arroyo, to talk about the movie “Selma,” a fictionalize account of her uncle Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, protest march in Selma, Alabama.

Dr. King says she saw the film and she’s glad it was made. Although it’s historically inaccurate, she says, it’s historically relevant. She noted that the praying men and women in the movie were accurate. The host said it’s the first Hollywood movie he’s seen in which King’s movement was depicted in the proper context as a Christian movement.

Dr. King says she went on a children’s march during that time, where she faced guns and billy clubs. She also notes the differences between the protesters marching with her uncle and today’s “protesters.”

Does she believe blacks are being targeted by the police today? Tune in for the answer.

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