WATCH: Star Parker Discusses Food Stamps on Fox

Star Parker and talk radio show host Richard Fowler appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss the food stamp program.

Carlson says the number of children on food stamps has nearly doubled since President Barack Obama took office. The number used to be 9 million in 2009; it’s risen to 16 million. One out of every five children under 18 in the United States is on food stamps.

Fowler said that the food stamp problem is not a Democrat or an Obama or a Republican problem. “This is an American problem.” He said “food insecurity is a really, really, really big deal.”

Carlson asked Star how could hunger and obesity be big problems in the same community? Star alluded to the way people’s thinking has changed, with EBT cards (less stigma, in my opinion) replacing the stamps and children being raised mostly by unmarried mothers. They let Uncle Sam buy food like vegetables, while she buys fast food at McDonald’s.

Fowler countered with the anecdote that he’s from a female-headed household, and he turned out just fine (anecdotes aren’t data and don’t change the general facts). He says it isn’t about marriage or traditional families.

Tucker pointed out that if marriage tends to help keep people out of poverty — and jail — why wouldn’t the president encourage people to get married?

Watch the video to hear the answer.

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One comment

  1. I don’t know how FOX thinks conversations that last 3 minutes are beneficial; the guests barely have time to make their points and that short time for the interview seems to belittle the point; it’s an important point, come back after the commercial. Teach people.
    I guess FOX considers it more entertainment than education. I find that sad.
    As far as the subject is concerned, the fact that we’re subsidizing illegals is so incredible that that subject alone deserved at least five minutes.