WATCH: How Desperate Democrats Lash Out as ‘Trump Collusion’ Allegations Fail

The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli is not pleased with former Obama officials who’ve criticize President Donald Trump.

As “Trump collusion” allegations aren’t panning out, liberals are lashing out. Former attorney general Eric Holder, former CIA director John Brennan, and former director of National Intelligence James Clapper have gone on cable TV to disparage the president, but have they forgotten what happened while they held power?

Holder said that the president is doing  “long-term harm to the reliability and integrity” of the U.S. Department of Justice.

But Borelli said Holder turned the agency into the “Department of Joke.” He was voted in contempt of Congress when he obstructed the investigation into the shooting death of a border patrol agent in 2010. His murderers were connected to Mexican drug cartels, which had obtained weapons from Operation Fast and Furious (the withheld documents to be released), a gun-running program that allowed Mexican thugs to buy guns for tracking purposes.

And the government lost track of the guns. Under Holder’s watch.

Brennan called the president unstable, inept, and unethical

But Borelli reminded viewers what happened with Iran, North Korea, and Russia under Brennan’s watch.

And remember Clapper’s answer when asked during a congressional hearing whether the NSA spies on Americans?

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