WATCH: How is Donald Trump Like Uber?

Deneen Borelli, Outreach Director for FreedomWorks, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss Donald Trump’s surge in the polls.

“I think Donald Trump has turned DC-insider politics on its head…I like to say he’s a disruptor,” similar to what Uber is doing to taxis. “There are a lot of people who are not happy about it, and they don’t like it. But yes, he is talking about issues. He’s making Americans focus on really important issues that are facing our country, especially immigration and sanctuary cities.”

Apt comparison. Uber is a company that allows people to contact drivers through a mobile app, and it’s taking business away from the cab industry. Mayor Bill de Blasio, for one, doesn’t like the company in his city.

Borelli’s liberal counterpart, Jessica Tarlov, thinks Trump’s success can be attributed to “straight talk,” an end to the politically correct talk. She mentioned former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley apologizing to black liberals for saying all lives matter. “PC culture has gone too far [this from a liberal!]…That’s something Donald Trump is speaking directly to.”

Borelli said Trump is filling a gap between Republican voters and establishment Republicans.

We’d all love to know why Republicans have been unable or unwilling to stop President Barack Obama’s radical agenda.

Watch the brief clip for more.

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