WATCH: Jason Riley on Big Government, Fatherlessness, Crime, and More

Jason Riley, author of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed, spoke at a recent CURE policy summit about the negative effects of government programs, such as racial preferences (euphemistically called affirmative action), how black Americans succeeded without these programs, and other topics.

For example, Riley said that 80 percent of black students perform below grade level in New York City, where he’s based, and that an anti-academic subculture among blacks contributes to this statistic. “Acting white” means caring about academic success. (Watch the clip to hear Riley’s personal anecdote on the “acting white” attitude.)

“Another big part of the problem is a reluctance to speak honestly about these cultural shortcomings,” he said. “Many whites fear being called racists, and many black leaders have a vested interest in blaming black problems primarily on white racism. So that is the narrative they push, regardless of the reality.”

If you disagree, you’re a bigot or a sell-out.

Regarding the so-called Black Lives Matter movement, Riley asked if blacks really care about reducing the black body count, should they focus on the two percent of shooting deaths that involve cops or the 98 percent that don’t?

Watch the clip for more common sense from Riley.


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  1. I agree with Jason Riley. However how would he respond to the fact that many of these black middle class communities were bombed and had other violent acts committed against them and thus everytime blacks try to recreate their destiny, they are stunted by violence.