WATCH: More Liberals Support Socialism — Even Though It’s Been a Disaster

“More and more Democrats are openly embracing socialist policies,” Deneen Borelli said on Blaze TV. “And liberal politicians are actively promoting them.”

They offer “free” stuff not only to Americans, but to foreigners who’ve entered or remained in the Unites States illegally. But the call for socialist policies isn’t new. Borelli said “socialist” policies in countries like Sweden, which leftist politicians praise, aren’t actually socialist.

“Sweden tried social policies, and then dumped them,” Borelli said, “because…wait for it…because they failed. ”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sweden’s socialist experiment was a disaster. The country’s economic success is owed to market-based reforms.

Liberals continue to push failed ideas. But what’s scary, Borelli said, is that voters are listening. Democrats are moving further to the left. Why? Watch the brief clip.

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  1. “You get what you pay for.” I’d rather have a good-paying job, so I can choose my health care plan, my doctors, treatments, etc. I’m not biting the bait of “FREE HAND-OUT HEALTHCARE” that leaves me sick & poor.