WATCH: Mrs. Bill Clinton Compared Harvey Weinstein to Trump? Here’s a BETTER Comparison

Election loser Hillary Clinton commended women who stepped forward to share stories about the lecherous Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood executive and Clinton donor, but she didn’t have feminist things to say when women stepped forward to expose what her husband, Bill Clinton, did to them.

David Clarke, former sheriff of Milwaukee County, did not like “Mrs. Bill Clinton” comparing President Donald Trump to Harvey Weinstein. At all.

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  1. The former Sheriff coined the perfect phrase to define the “criminal” Clinton/s: “Her ethics elevator has no bottom floor!” Absolutely succinct and correct. He might as well have included that “sexual predator” she is cobbled to as riding the same elevator.

  2. “Her ethics elevator has no bottom floor!”

    The very best!

    When Bill Clinton’s mother died she was reputed to be writing a “tell all” book. No trace of the book could be found. Now no one wants to accuse anyone of murdering his mother. BUT with the Clinton’s ethics elevator dropping past FLOOR: Murder Mother, you can’t rule it out.

  3. of course Hillary did. if she did not people would be pointing their finger at Bill and her.