WATCH: Pastor Shares One Thing America Is Doing That He 'Never Thought' It Would

In a recent speech at an event hosted by the Family Research Council, pastor and former candidate for Virginia lieutenant governor E.W. Jackson opined on the moral degradation he believes has fundamentally changed the American experience.

Declaring that it often “seems like we are living in a foreign land,” Jackson told attendees at last week’s Watchmen on the Wall conference that Christian values are being attacked on numerous fronts.

“I never thought there would be a day when my nation would persecute the Bible-believing Christian for standing for what the word of God says,” he lamented, “and reward those who come against it as if they are heroes, as if they are great Americans for standing up against God. But that’s where we are.”

Specifically, he cited issues like abortion and marriage to illustrate his point.

“I never thought that I would see the day when people would brag about their ability to destroy children in the womb,” Jackson continued, “but that’s exactly what we have today – and not only brag about it, but demand that your taxpayer dollars go to support the destruction of unborn children.”

He went on to say that many in America “don’t care what God said about marriage” and have vowed to redefine the institution to reflect their own values.

“It ought to make us weep that so many have hardened their hearts toward Him,” he said, “and we know that our nation is suffering as a result.”

Is Rev. Jackson’s assessment valid? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. Mary Wiedenhaupt

    He is 100% right! Unless the Christians begin to act like Christians instead of heathens, it will continue to go downhill.

  2. I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing.

  3. He is right on target. But the Bible declares that in the last days men would be lovers of themselves more than lovers of God. We are there now!!

  4. Shirley May Lee

    Amen!! If we believe the statistics it will only get worse unless we see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And my prayer is Come LORD JESUS if we don’t.

  5. Pastor E W Jackson is right on… can this be country be saved?

  6. Joseph Newbern

    He’s 100% correct. Too many in the USA have chosen progressive optics, over God.