WATCH: Rep. John Lewis Won’t Like What This Conservative Said About Him

Rep. John Lewis and other black liberals decided to boycott the opening of a civil rights museum in Mississippi because President Donald Trump would attend by invitation to give opening remarks.

But the Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli thinks Rep. Lewis and other liberals are afraid the president’s policies might help black families. Unemployment among blacks is at a 10-year low, Borelli said. And we can’t have that. Blacks who vote for Democrats might start changing their habits.

And it gets worse. You won’t believe who Rep. Lewis “blames” for President Trump’s victory. Watch the brief clip to find out.

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  1. Rep. Lewis is a modern day sla.. catcher.
    What Laws has he authored? What has he written that made it out of the House?
    I’m willing to provide Lewis with a one-way ticket to Cuba; but he must leave: Immediately!

  2. Lewis and those that think like him, the NAACP for one want to keep the black communities relying on government assistance in order to keep the reins of power in their hands whereby they and only they will control the black population.

  3. At least four “atta-babies” and “kudos” for another “onion peeling” commentary, me dawlin’ Deneen! The “usual suspects,” race baiters in the black community, have been (mis)leading “THEIR bread winners” on that WIDE path to destruction for at least the past fifty-odd years! Amazingly, blacks continue to look to the party that has kept them subservient, voting for MORE OF THE SAME platter of platitudes….

    • “Firewagon” conveniently forgets that these Black “race baiters” had to get beaten, jailed and die 50 and 60 years ago during Civil Rights Movement to encourage more White Americans to rally to their cause. John Lewis is an American hero in my book.