WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke, Larry Elder on 'Black Lives Matter' Diversion

When someone asked the Democratic presidential candidates whether black lives matter or all lives matter (a trick question) at the recent debate, they answered as befitting liberals, to wild applause.

It’s a gotcha question for weak-willed politicians prostrating for votes. It’s a dumb, rhetorical question, but it does weed out those who advocate personal responsibility from those who don’t. A few months ago, candidate Martin O’Malley actually apologized to black liberals for saying all lives matter.

Sheriff David Clarke, columnist Larry Elder, and Fox News analyst Juan Williams appeared on Fox News to comment on the question. 

Sean Hannity asked the sheriff why it’s so controversial to say all lives matter.

“Sean, it was a pathetic display,” he said. “It was plantation politics in its finest hour, the continued enslavement of black people emotionally by the Democrat party, with this destructive liberal ideology. And they know it. They’re whoring for votes…The liberal ideology has been very destructive for the black community for the last 50 or 60 years.”

Sheriff Clarke noted that poverty is now generational. A lifestyle. High unemployment. Failing schools, and more, all under Democrat control.

Larry Elder called the question a Democratic bait and switch. “They can’t talk about the black economy. Under this president in the last six-and-half years, the black net worth has declined 20 percent. The so-called wealth gap between blacks and whites has not been this wide in 25 years.” And let’s talk about anything else, Elder added, but the welfare state’s effect on the black family. Black lives matter? Right.

Juan Williams implied that all of these things started to go wrong under Republican leadership. He mentioned the recent recession. But Sheriff Clarke said liberal ideology has been an economic and social disaster for blacks, particularly the family unit.

Hannity, Sheriff Clarke, and Elder continued to spar with Williams on double standards, assaults on police officers, and more.

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