WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke Renames 'Black Lives Matter' Movement – They Won't Like It

Sheriff David Clarke recently appeared on Fox New to discuss the Black Lives Matter crowd ambushing Hillary Clinton. He said liberals created a monster when they urged on this negative movement.

“Hillary, meet Frankenstein,” he said. “If you cannot continue to feed the beast, the beast will turn on you and eat you.” Sheriff Clarke renamed the movement “Black Lies Matter” and called them the “bastard child of the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot'” lie. “It’s a conglomeration of misfits…You have Occupy movement. You have organized labor in on it now. You have criminals. You have black racialists. You have cop-haters and anarchists [who’ve] now formed together this faux movement.”

The sheriff said that blacks can no longer claim victim status, except to the Democratic party, considering what modern liberalism has done to the black family.

The movement was created to mobilize the black vote for the 2016 election. “The problem is, we’ve got a long way to go. And it’s only so long that you can keep that sort of negative movement going before you lose control of it.” 

Sheriff Clarke called Martin O’Malley pathetic for apologizing for saying that all lives matter. Can you imagine him standing up to world leaders, the sheriff asked.

Then Sean Hannity asked the sheriff about black-on-black crime. Watch the brief clip for his answer.


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  1. The guy credited with organizing “Black Lives Matter” claims to be Black but the Daily Caller says both his parents and his siblings are all white.