WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke's Advice to Police During Riots

Last Sunday in Ferguson, during riots on the first anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting, a police officer shot a man who’d shot at the police. Why still so much unrest and violence one year after Officer Darren Brown shot and killed Brown after the latter tried to take the officer’s gun?

“Well, this is nothing more than a return to the scene of the big lie,” Sheriff David Clarke said on Fox News. “The ‘Hands up, Don’t shoot’…this whole ‘Black lives matter’ movement, this false narrative that came out of Ferguson — they destroyed the town.”

The sheriff said “a bunch of thugs, a bunch of creeps, criminals, race hustlers, with a scattering of some law-abiding people, converged in this area and ripped the town up.”

Sheriff Clarke said he’d like to think those involved in the “phony” movement would have returned to Ferguson to apologize to the law-abiding people. But it’s all political – inflaming blacks through the 2016 elections. 

The sheriff said he noticed that the police seemed to be avoiding confrontation. But if someone’s going to the bring the fight, the police have to respond quickly. Looting, gun-fighting, rioting — police must respond quickly and crush it. Give rioters the impression early on that police won’t tolerant the lawlessness.

Will there will be violence in other cities on police-shooting anniversaries? Watch the brief clip for Sheriff Clarke’s response.

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