Sixth Planned Parenthood Video: Without Consent

The Center for Medical Progress released a sixth Planned Parenthood video and the second episode of a documentary called Human Capital.

Featured in the video is Holly O’Donnell, a phlebotomist and former “procurement technician” at a company called StemExpress. In this episode, she explains the supply process between Planned Parenthood and her former employer. 

O’Donnell’s assigned Planned Parenthood was in an alley in a bad area of Fresno, California. She said the abortion mill environment is morbid. “It really wore me down…You can hear screaming. You can hear crying.”

Here’s the racket: StemExpress asks the abortion mill head nurse for whatever they’re looking for – a 15-week unborn baby, for a example. The technician gets a list of women and what they’re getting that day: ultrasounds or medical or late-term abortions. The technicians are supposed to obtain the women’s consent to experiment on their dead babies.

Specimens. Tissue opportunities. Products of conception. Disease research.

O’Donnell said that a technician took a “fetus” StemExpress needed without consent

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  1. I remember when I lost friend to back street abortions and this is uglier? I think not+

  2. I am so grateful to the women who choose to donate their fetal tissue. If it werent for them, I wouldnt have my Polio shot or my Insulin. It’s better than it being incinerated. Abortion will happen anyway. Research what happens when its illegal from Guttamcher. Its MORE common and women die and if they do survive are left infertile. Women are raped, the abortions are hack jobs. You dont have to like abortion, thats fine. But fighting to make it illegal is shooting yourself in the foot. Everything you fear about abortion is what happens when its illegal. The government can even force you to have one when theyve made them illegal. Because when the government has the right to make reproductive choices for you…..they have the right. As I said, research it. And no, Guttamcher has no affiliation with PP. They terminated that relationship.