WATCH: This Is What A Conservative Looks Like

You know the stereotypes. How can a woman be against abortion, liberals wonder. How can a black or Hispanic woman be a conservative?

The women in the video talk about what they’ve had to deal with being conservative, including the name-calling and the assumptions.

The Network of Enlightened Women says it’s time to shatter the stereotypes and embolden conservative women to stand up and speak out on college campuses and in their communities.

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  1. This one of my most prized sources of truth:

    The Truth will set you free, writer says

    Dear Editor,
    The truth will set you free.
    The world has been deceived time and again by lies, and the journalists and the intelligentsia have been willing participants in this deception.
    Many are trying to rewrite history in regards to 9-11. Do not be deceived.
    In Turkey in the 1920s, whole groups of people were exterminated. Nations did not report this carnage because they didn’t want to offend the powers. (The great author Earnest Hemmingway was there and saw and wrote about it.)
    When Hitler began his genocide, he said no one would remember, as they had not remembered what happened in the 20s in Turkey.
    In 1933, three young journalists were sent to Russia to report how everything was coming up roses in Stalin’s Marxist Utopia. One of those young men escaped the scrutiny of the authorities and went and saw the truth. He reported to the British “Guardian,” “The fields were neglected and full of weeds, no cattle are to be seen anywhere and few horses; only the military and (communist party officials) are well fed, and the rest of the population obviously starving, obviously terrorized.”
    This young journalist lost his job, whereas one of the other journalists received the Pulitzer Prize for his “creampuff” reporting about the Communist paradise in the “New York Times.”
    How do you find the truth? I have found a website that counters the fallacies of the Black Lives Matter message. It is Black Community News. Google it and read articles by some great American Black thinkers. One is Star Parker, who is very well informed about the treatment of her people and the lies that have been perpetrated and believed. Sheriff David Clarke, Larry Eller, and Thomas Sowell, are a few of the other great people telling the truth through Black Community News.
    In addition to Black Community News, Jay Sekulow says it like it is. You can find his message at the American Center for Law and Justice, ACLJ. He minces no words.
    Dinesh D. Souza has put his life at great risk and found himself behind bars for his reporting of the truth. You might want to see what he has to say at the movie theaters in Lewistown soon.
    Seek the truth and the truth will set you free. Maybe not in this life, but in the next.
    Pat Irish

  2. I have an 18-year-old granddaughter to whom I will send this link.