WATCH: Throwing People Under the Bus Will Not Appease Liberals

Distractions, distractions, distractions.

“This president was elected to get our economy going again, to attract capital into the country that is now parked off-shore, and anything that takes us away from that agenda is an unwanted distraction,” said Ken Blackwell, a member of the president’s voting ethics committee and former transition to team member.

Blackwell recently appeared on Fox News to weigh in about the president’s Charlottesville remarks.

“The president had a measured response on Saturday. He had a more expansive response on Monday. I would have done a full stop right there. He didn’t, because what he’s trying to drive home is…this is a threat to our culture — a threat of violence, a threat of hate,” and blame belongs to people across the political spectrum, not just the right.

And there’s plenty of evidence to prove it. Blackwell said the president continuing to comment on the incident got him off his game of improving the infrastructure and putting people back to work.

In the second part, Blackwell noted that throwing someone under the bus won’t appease leftists.

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  1. Divide and conquer is the only way this nation will ever be beaten, and dialogue among rational people will help bridge this ridiculous ideological gap. We can do it one person at a time with gods help.

  2. So despicable, that people having contributed little to their communities, and even less to the nation, have been given a pass allowing their continued anarchist behavior. Any Mayor, or Governor, not fully enforcing the law, failing to protect their city or state, by allowing ANY demonstrators/demonstrations to devolve into violence, should be recalled or forced to resign!