WATCH: Why Aren’t Liberals Protesting About THIS?

While liberals are protesting President Donald Trump’s common-sense executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from several Middle Eastern and African countries — a sovereign country’s prerogative — they don’t seem interested in doing the same for blacks killed in Chicago.

Ho-hum. Just another weekend in the Windy City.

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, recently appeared on Fox News, along with columnist Larry Elder. Sean Hannity showed clips of late night show host Conan O’Brien cracking jokes about President Donald Trump saying he’d send federal troops to Chicago to protect residents.

The sheriff said he’s tired of liberals “poking fun at [the violence in Chicago] as if there’s anything to make a joke about.” They wouldn’t be making jokes if homosexuals “were being slaughtered in the streets of Chicago. They wouldn’t be doing it if Muslims were being slaughtered in the streets of Chicago.” But it’s okay to make jokes about black-on-black violence?

Why? Sheriff Clarke said it’s because liberals don’t need blacks right now. No election cycle. He added that President Trump is the only elected official other than himself who’s demanding action to bring a new quality of life to blacks living in the American ghetto.

“He is going to fix this, and I am going to help him.”

Hannity noted that Obama had plenty to say about the police shootings in Ferguson and Baltimore, and the Trayvon Martin case, but he didn’t have a lot to say about the shootings in Chicago.

Elder said the president has gone into inner-cities and talked about the breakdown of the family, lousy government schools, and giving parents an option for their children. He’s talked about stopping illegal immigration, which disproportionately impacts black Americans.

“And still he gets no love,” Elder said. “You can’t win. If you don’t show concern, you’re racist. If you do show concern, they ridicule you.”

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  1. I agree with Mr Clarke and Mr Elder. Sharing this one.

  2. As an old guy who has been worried about the future of Our Nation, it brings me great pleasure to see these Brilliant Young People with positive attitudes getting involved to Make America Great Again! Thank You for your efforts!