WATCH: Why Did Food Stamp Usage Go Down in Alabama?

I was interviewed by the hosts of Fox and Friends after a law in Alabama went into effect that required welfare recipients to work to become eligible for food stamps. As a result, there was an 85 percent drop in food stamp recipients in 13 counties!

As I gave my opinion about this law, our discussion continued about Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, corporate welfare, and even Colin Kaepernick.

After you watch this, I’d love to read your feedback!

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  1. I have always thought very highly of star Parker. Always have, always will. She speaks for us “deplorable’s” in language every one can understand. Love her common sense logic.

  2. Very good job Star Parker. I appreciate your opinion on BLM and the Food Stamp law in Alabama. You seem to have a gift in being able to address and speak knowledgeable on different issues. I realize there are time constraints on TV news shows but they sure threw a lot at you in a short amount of time. Sharing this interview on my blog. Thanks.

  3. Star, “welfare-to-work” is the right thing. Every able-bodied person with a sound mind wants to leave welfare for employment…and in America there should be a job for them somewhere.

  4. Very interesting view on NFL. Respectfully, however, the NFL has addressed “political” issues when they “boycotted” the State of North Carolina regarding their anti-LGBTQIA views; the NFL has been vocal on domestic violence regarding AfrAm athletes, but are silent on issues that adversely impact the race of the majority of their players.

    Star enjoy The Power of the Ps