WATCH: Why Teachers Unions Don’t Want School Choice

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  1. Very good presentation……it amazes me that some people have a hard time understanding this important concept.

  2. If a private school or home school receives federal money, what will keep the federal government from telling the administration of the private school or the parents of the home school just what will or will not be taught? If you choose a Christian curriculum, how long will it be before the government tells you about the false notion of separation of church and state? Grove City College in PA accepts no federal funding for that simple reason. The federal government tried to tell the administration of the college what they could and could not teach when any type of federal funds were accepted. We home schooled our children, and we wouldn’t want any federal money as it always comes with strings attached. It might not start out that way, but it will end up with strings. It always does.

    • Billie…….I understand your concern but the money follow the students to the school of their parent choice. The school do not received the funding directly……..any strings would have to be attached to the parents. Now the Feds can still make demands on the type of school with all type of stipulations but that is highly unlikely when parents are engage in and understand the school choice process.

      What it really boils down to is freedom in k-12 education. Freedom is always a continuous fight. As school choice become more widely understood…….politicians will be afraid to attack that choice in fear of being fired from office.