WATCH: Why the Left Won’t Use Murders in This City to Advance Their Agenda

Leftists didn’t miss the opportunity to call for gun control after the mass-murder shooting in Las Vegas.

The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli wondered why leftists don’t seem to care about the shootings in Chicago? Borelli calls it “grossly inconsistent.”

Liberals have the chance every week to exploit the black-on-black gun violence in Chicago. Why won’t they discuss the murders of black children in that city?

Borelli has an idea.

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  1. I wonder how much Jimmy is getting paid to be the unofficial spokesman the progressive left. Funny how the daily killings in Chicago don’t trigger these halfwitted pawns of the raqdical left.

  2. Perhaps politicians look at these murders in Chicago the same way they reacted to crack epidemic in inner city. i.e. “It’s ‘their’ problem…as long as it doesn’t come to suburbs.”

  3. Citizens of Chicago should be legally armed so they can protect their children. When all the bad guys turn in all their weapons, then the 2nd Amendment will have run its course.

  4. Gun control is “identify the target, proper sight picture and trigger squeeze”. More restrictions on law-abiding citizens is not the solution. Criminals don’t obey laws and they can always get weapons. Increasing the number of qualified, trained people carrying guns is a better idea. The security and protection of loved ones and yourself is up to you. The police do the best they can but often arrive too late.