WATCH: This Young YouTube Star Who Spoke Up For Rudy Just Stood Up Tall For Free Speech

It’s been viewed more that 1.4 million times — the video by a 12-year-old Georgia boy who posted an incredibly eloquent defense of Rudy Giuliani after the former mayor was slammed for saying President Obama doesn’t love America.

Western Journalism told you about 6th grader CJ Pearson and his remarkable rant that’s gone viral. Now, it appears that Facebook has blocked the young conservative from posting on his own public figure page after so much attention was focused on the hugely popular video in which Pearson was highly critical of Obama.

In an appearance on “Fox and Friends Weekend,” CJ proved that his poised presentation on the video he posted on February 21st was no fluke. He once again vigorously defended Rudy Giuliani’s right to express his opinion and sharply criticized those who would try to stifle free speech in America.

“I think the point is this: When a person decides to speak up, their voice shouldn’t be hindered because of someone disagreeing.”

You can watch CJ Pearson’s impressive appearance on the Fox News show by clicking on the video above.

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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