What Does Star Parker Think About the Recent Campus Protests?

CURE’s Star Parker recently appeared on EWTN News Nightly to comment on felon releases and the recent black-student protests on college campuses.

Star believes sentences for non-violent drug offenders should be reduced. Although the issue is complicated, drug offenders are a small part of the prison population. She added that as Christians, “we need to be concerned about offering opportunities for a second chance.” Rather than allowing Congress to deal with it comprehensively, the people should have a say.

Family breakdown is one reason people end up in prison in the first place. About 75 percent of black children are born to unmarried women. The majority of prisoners grew up in fatherless homes.

On the topic of campus protests, Star said we’re looking at mob rule as our institutions collapse.

“I don’t know that the students even know what they’re looking for. They just know something has broken down, and what has broken down are our traditions. We are in a chaos community right now.”

Regardless, we can’t allow this fuel to continue to cause fires across our campuses. The host asked Star whether she agreed with how school authorities are handling events at the University of Missouri.

“Absolutely not. Anytime you give in to children…they get worse.” The colleges have rules, and the schools can address student complaints in the proper way. No student should be allowed to disrupt other students’ education.

Watch the brief clip to hear what Star has to say about the University of Missouri’s new black college president.

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