What Happens to Black Americans Who Criticize the Democratic Party?

Rapper Kanye West faced a backlash when he dared criticize the Democratic party, which has a lock on the “black vote.”

The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli said the thought police and black enforcers have jumped on the bashing-Kanye bandwagon.

Rep. Maxine Waters said something that amounts to shut up and rap.

“Nobody in their right mind takes Maxine seriously,” Borelli said. “Ever. And the criticism doesn’t stop with politicians.”

Chance the Rapper defended West but backtracked when the heat was on. He actually apologized for defending West. Another rapper physically threatened West, calling on a notorious black gang.

West is being attacked for questioning the status quo. Bad black man! Stay in your place, and thanks for the vote!

What’s happening to West exposes the risks black Americans face “for even questioning the innumerable failed policies of the Democrat party,” Borelli said. Other blacks will hesitate to speak up. Is that the idea? Don’t let them silence you!

Liberal policies fail black Americans, and Borelli gives one huge example. Sadly, it’s probably not enough for them to change the way they vote. Or is it?

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  1. The democrats have always owned African Americans. Prior to the civil war they actually did. Today they use handouts to attract black voters. To these same democrats, Kayne West is simply a run away slave who has to be punished. Thank God that we now have a president who actually cares for ALL the people. Look at the unemployment figures for African Americans. Thanks to trump, they are the lowest in twenty years.

    • Dwight E. Coleman

      Most African Americans voted Republican
      until Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for
      reelection in 1936.

      Democrats have owned the African American
      vote since 1936. However, African Americans
      are beginning to awaken from our long political
      Rip Van Winkle sleep.

  2. I was never a fan of Kanye but was amazed that he came out to support the President and his agenda. It’s truly unfortunate that the black communities have been indoctrinated into the socialist thinking of the progressive Democrat party. Democrats promise the world when looking for a vote but once the vote is cast they produce nothing, that is nothing until it is time to create another false promised for their next election.
    Minorities must realize that if the government gives them everything to support their life with a stroke of a pen all the support can be withdrawn.
    I often wonder how many votes were purchased from the minority communities for the price of an “Obama phone”, paid for by the taxpayer. Remember if the government bought your phone it belongs to them and they will probably monitor every thing the phone is used for.

  3. It’s amazing that a tough-guy Rapper like Chance actually apologized for saying that Black people didn’t have to vote Democratic.
    The ultra-rich Rappers, Movie Stars, and other modern Liberals see themselves as better, tougher, and more edgy than their grandparents, but I ask myself, “What if all those people in the Civil Rights Movement, ordinary. powerless people with no money, were this afraid to get people mad at them?

  4. Be careful what you ask for. African Americans could compose a sad litany of centuries-old grievances against the Democratic Party. So much so that even the most conservative Republican patriot could be turned off by the rhetoric.