What is a Conservative? — How These College Students Answered the Question.

PragerU asked students at the University of Texas at Austin what is a conservative, and what do they believe?

Answers include people who believe in traditional “back in the day” values, people who care more about themselves than other people, and people with more radical ideas. Other students said conservatives are not as open to change.

The reporter, Will Witt, set up the students with a loaded question: Do you think conservative beliefs are embedded with racism? Loaded or not, the students could have responded with a fair answer. But one of them even said her own parents could be racists. And a black student said a black conservative could be racist.

One student apparently was a conservative. He defined a conservative as one who loves individual freedom, a strong military presence, freedom of speech, and defending the Constitution.

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  1. LOVE Ms Star Parker and Black Community News. Interesting insightful inspiring! Grateful for another fellow Biblical twice-born Christ follower who thinks – who loves and appreciates the American opportunities and freedoms – plus calls out exposes vain philosophies, truth suppressors, and shameful stances. Pray 🙏 His Grace2u

  2. The example shows how most universities indoctrinate students with socialistic ideas. I was born and raised in a Socialist country in Europe controlled by the Communist Party. I’ve been trying to tell people that Socialism does not work for the average person, it is only beneficial the elite controlling everything. Unfortunately, the younger people don’t seem believe that it is being pushed on us in the USA. They will have a rude awakening one day.

    • Socialism only looks good “on paper.” Doesn’t take into account basic human greed.

      • Louis B. Phillips

        Socialism doesn’t take into account basic human greed, or needs either.

        True capitalism addresses both, by directing a person’s self- interest (“greed”) in a direction that is mutually advantageous to everyone. It accomplishes this by rewarding those who cooperate with others for mutual gain, while publishing those who abuse others.

        By the way, Capitalism is not a product of “White Privilege,” but rather a product of “Free Market Privilege.”. Those who play by the rules of Free Market Capitalism will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor without infringing on the ability of others to do the same thing.