What is the Alt-Left?

I was on C-SPAN Wednesday to answer questions from liberal and conservative callers after the events in Charlottesville.

The alt-left and the alt-left media will NOT accept that Donald Trump won the election because of the will of the voters. They won’t even accept that the violent alt-left exists, with CNN telling its viewers today that it’s a “made-up term.” Ironically, they’ve been using the term “alt-right” for at least a year.

We are in the middle of a culture war to destroy America — a nation that was not founded on ethnicity but on uniting in our belief of freedom: E Pluribus Unum.

Please take the time to listen to these questions and my answers so we can protect President Trump’s agenda and protect our freedom.

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  1. The alt-left consists, first of all, of any organization receiving its funding from or through George Soros.