WATCH: What Sen. Marco Rubio Will Do With Obama's Policies If Elected President

Speaking of abortion’s absence in the U.S. Constitution, Sen. Marco Rubio recently talked about this issue on CBN.

Sen. Rubio, a pro-lifer, spoke of protecting religious freedom and the next president’s role in appointing U.S. Supreme Court justices who understand that the Constitution is not a “living and breathing document,” but a “document of limitation” to be interpreted and applied based on its original intent. 

“And there is no way that you can read that Constitution and deduce from it that there is a constitutional right to an abortion or…to marry someone of the same sex.”

The court in Roe v. Wade wanted to legalize abortion, so the justices fashioned a right of privacy to kill unborn babies from the founding document. Abortion is a horrible procedure the founders didn’t even imagine including in the Constitution, stated or implied. The court also discovered an apparently deeply hidden right for men to “marry” men. What’s next? The sage justices will interpret the Constitution to declare pedophiles a protected government class or to promote other deviant relationships. 

For good measure, the government will outlaw all dissent and freedom of association for those who oppose them.

Watch the brief clip to find out what Sen. Rubio said he’d do with President Barack Obama’s executive decisions if he’s elected president.

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