What Sheriff David Clarke Wants from Law-Abiding, Armed Americans

Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox News to talk about the Islamic terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where Mohammod Abdulazeez murdered four Marines and one sailor, and injured others.

“First of all, I want to salute those [servicemen] who gave their lives in service to this country. I want to salute all of our armed service personnel. That they would take casualties on the homeland I find unfathomable, but in part it’s because the commander in chief is either unwilling or unable to protect the homeland. And as sheriff of Milwaukee County — and I’m going to include all local law enforcement — we know we’re on the front lines in these attacks on the homeland. We have been ever since 9/11.”

The sheriff said that the intelligence we get on domestic Islamic terrorists “is not every actionable, it’s not very good.” We need a domestic intelligence agency, he said, similar to the United Kingdom’s MI5. Our FBI is doing what it can, but it’s a “downstream organization,” coming in after an attack has already happened. We need a national strategy.

Sheriff Clarke accused President Barack Obama of weakening law enforcement’s morale instead of building it up.

“I find it ironic that on the day of this attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, [President Obama] was visiting a federal prison, lifting the spirits of federal prisoners…I’m going to enlist in my community…the assistance of the law-abiding armed American citizen.” Police officers can’t predict everyone and every place, the sheriff said, that’s why he’s calling on gun-owning civilians in this attack on the homeland.


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One comment

  1. Appreciate Sheriff Clarke, immensely! A comment or two.

    I have tried to get those on FOX to STOP w/the “lone wolf” categorization of these whack killers. One, it connotes too much Machismo to them, and two, denigrates one of the great carnivores of all time! Call them what they are, no matter if one, two, a thousand and two, they are simply “Islamist Terrorists,” or more appropriately, “single Islamist excrement.”

    The following was my reply to ‘several’ media reports:

    “What motivated Abdulazeez to open fire on Chattanooga’s Marine Corps Reserve Center and Navy Operational Support Center remains unclear.”

    “How about a “gun free zone” where ‘disarmed’ military personnel could respond only by “crawling out the back to save themselves?” As a Marine, when I heard that statement, I was almost physically ill! How about the ‘fact’ that his name was Mohammad? Both he and his mentor Mohammad were TERRORISTS – as they say, you can look it up. “A simple criminal act,” exactly the same “criminal” act of “work place violence” at Ft. Hood!

    “I have frequented both of these targeted areas. Shopping in that small center and renewing our military ID cards at the Reserve Center. At no time, in either place, was I unarmed. I will never voice the same lament as my hero Dr. Suzanna Hupp did before congress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1u0Byq5Qis – or later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=12&v=xKMAbC1-d2I

    “With tears in my eyes, my very painful and humble lament is that I was not there at this time. Though possibly ineffective at stopping this nut, I might have been able to serve as a bullet sponge long enough for some of my Marines to survive! EVERYONE should be pounding their respective representative’s door down demanding this ‘disarming’ of our military, in country, be stopped! At a minimum, Staff Non-Commissioned Officers and above should be authorized arms. There are many ways to achieve that without personnel walking around looking like Roy Rogers. Biometric lock boxes assigned “permanently” to relieve any requirement to check firearms in and out of some armory, and authorizing “concealed carry” for those qualified! Those voting to continue this insane policy should be required to don the uniform of some branch, unarmed, and walk around as these whacko’s “targets of opportunity!”

    “Simper Fi Marines, see you soon!!”

    Additionally, 127,000 student visas were issued to people in Muslim countries last year!! Is America INSANE, or SUICIDAL? Discontinue Muslim immigration, at any level, until the war is over! Sorry, “peaceful Muslims,” you can end the war, by not doing so, you are part of the problem and should suffer the consequences!

    Thank you again, Judge. Keep the coals hot on the feet of our elected “servants!”