What These Alabama Lawmakers Did Might Strengthen Religious Freedom

starparkermarriage_postSome Republicans, true conservatives, are doing what they can to impede further erosion of religious freedom.

Yesterday, Republicans in the Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill that would give judges, clergy, and other qualified individuals the right to refuse to perform marriage ceremonies. (You’ll might recall that some judges in Alabama refused to issue licenses for homosexual “weddings.”)

AL.com reports that House lawmakers passed the Freedom of Religion in Marriage Protection Act by vote of 69 to 25. The measure now goes to the Senate.

Although voters passed a marriage-protection constitutional amendment by 81 percent in 2006, the courts struck it down and denied an appeal. Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore issued a memo to judges informing them they weren’t required to issue such licenses. The state’s highest court spoke on the issue earlier this month, halting the issuing of homosexual “marriage” licenses.

It’s interesting to note that the bill doesn’t specify homosexual “marriage.” It allows an exemption for judges and other officiators who object to conducting certain ceremonies on religious grounds. Although the First Amendment is supposed to provide enough protection for people of faith, it needs reinforcement.

I commend these lawmakers for at least doing something to stem the tide.

Photo credit: Star Parker – Facebook

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