World Powers Begin Talks to Lift Iran Sanctions If Deal Reached

UNSecurity_smallWorld powers have begun talks on a future resolution in the United Nations Security Council to lift sanctions on Iran if a nuclear deal is successful. Security Council sanctions have been placed on Iran since 2006.

With eight UN resolutions that impose sanctions on Iran, such a resolution would make it more difficult for the United States Congress to interfere. Additionally, as notified by Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday, any nuclear deal with Iran would be legally binding.

Former advisor to the Middle East for President Obama Dennis Ross stated this week that part of negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program should include responses if violations of the agreement are made. In interview, Ross posed various examples of possible breaches in the agreement, from translation issues to outright violations.

He stated, “If you’re going to wait until you detect a violation, what are you [going to do] then? Are you then entering into a negotiation over it? What is the Russian and the Chinese position going to be on it?… What happens, for example, if they decide that they’re not going to allow you access when you want access? What happens if they decide that you’re exceeding the number of times that you can look at something? I suggest that we should identify the range of the violations, the character of those violations, and the consequences for each of those, in advance. And my preference would be to actually have the Congress agree on these consequences.”

Iran is seeking to have sanctions lifted by the Security Council, West and European Union. The European Union has already begun talks on future lifts of sanctions, the US Congress already for weeks discussing the implementation of more sanctions if a deal is not reached.

A full agreement with Iran is set for June 30 with negotiations and a framework agreement by March 31. Negotiations are to resume next week in Switzerland.

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