What These California College Students Think About Their Money Paying for ‘Free’ Chemical Abortions on Campus

Campus Reform’s ambush videos feature liberal college students who hold strong opinions but typically don’t know facts to support those opinions.

In the video below, however, some of the responses to the question about colleges providing “free” abortions are more circumspect. California’s governor just signed a measure into law that requires the taxpayer-funded California State and University of California systems to provide chemicals to students to poison their unborn babies to death.

The first three students said yes, schools should give students “free” abortions. One woman said no and two didn’t seem supportive of the idea.

“I think that’s a complicated question, ’cause I think that universities should be predominately non-partisan,” a female student said. “And the issue of abortion is extremely controversial in itself, though I would have to think about it more.” Her friend agreed with her.

The interviewer asked one of the male students: what if other students don’t want their money going toward abortions? He said it’s not “much different” paying for chemical abortions and paying fees for other activities you might not like. Really. Another student said killing unborn babies with chemicals is “part of health care.”

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  1. The truth about this is demanding RESPONSIBLE people pay for IRRESPONSIBILE people blatantly refusing to stop making extremely selfish mistakes. I’d say that less than 1% of those demanding abortions chemical or physical even know how to properly use condoms. If you don’t want to get pregnant keep you damn knees together you idiots!