What This Doctor Said About Danger-to-Mother Claims to Justify Late-Term Abortions

blackproliferPro-lifers believe it’s wrong to kill an unborn baby even if he was conceived during rape or incest. What if the mother’s life is in danger?

Individuals have a right to preserve their own lives, but how often do women face death if they give birth to their third-trimester babies?

One OB/GYN said there is no medical situation where the doctor must kill the child to save the mother.

“Just deliver the baby by C-section and the baby has 95+% survival with readily available NICU care even at 28 weeks,” Dr. Lawrence Koning of California said. “C-section is quicker and safer than partial birth abortion for the mother.”

Dr. Koning responded to Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she’s met women who got “the worst news one could get” about their babies, and “their health is in jeopardy if they continue to carry to term or that something terrible has happened or just been discovered about the pregnancy.”

But nearly 40 years ago, former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop advised, like Koning, that abortion is never needed to save the life of the mother.

“Protection of the life of the mother as an excuse for an abortion is a smoke screen,” he said. “In my thirty-six years in pediatric surgery I have never known of one instance where the child had to be be aborted to save the mother’s life.”

The former surgeon general added that the woman’s obstetrician takes care of the baby and the mother, and if there are complications, the doctor performs a Caesarian to save both patients.

Abortion on demand at any time and for whatever reason, and funded by your taxes? The pro-life movement must keep the truth front and center and continue advocating to protect the voiceless and vulnerable unborn.

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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  1. “What if the mother’s life is in danger?” “Protection of the life of the mother as an excuse for an abortion is a smoke screen,” C. Everett Koop

    Forty three years and over sixty million (60,000,000) aborted babies later, after that misguided ’73 SCOTUS ruling ! How many Jonas Salk types has the human race been deprived of? The person discovering the cure for cancer, alzheimer’s disease, etc., ad infinitum? America, the world, has suffered, without doubt, through this “random, self-indulgent/self-serving genocide.” That condemns ALL, not just the women!