WATCH: What Would Sen. Ted Cruz Do to Restore Marriage and Return Fathers to the Home?

At last week’s National Religious Broadcasters convention, Star Parker asked Sen. Ted Cruz, GOP presidential hopeful, about eminent domain and restoring families.

Is the senator opposed to the government taking private property not for public use, but to turn it over to private developers?

What would the senator do as president to restore traditional marriage and return fathers to the home? Should government play a role at all?

Watch the brief clip for more.

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    • Energy production is for the public good. Casino’s, not so much. Educate yourself of the difference because there is one and it’s the size of the Grand Canyon

    • Lady your stupid and need help and be deported to Europe.

  1. Ted Cruz Vows To Sell Off Or Give Away Nevada’s Public Lands

  2. Diane Kingsley Powell

    Listening to Senator Cruz just now has convinced me even more than I already was that he is the best man for the job–of President of the United States!

  3. next to hilary govenor kasich is the best man

  4. he should never be president but he might be a preacher in a southern Baptist church