Which Blacks Are Supporting Trump?

votingpollsBlacks do support Donald Trump, but which ones? NBC News interviewed several black voters who explained why they’re voting for Trump. 

A closer look at Black conservative voters at this stage in the primary shows that the economy, support for small businesses, and closing the wealth gap are major issues that are driving support for Donald Trump and even leading some to cross party lines to vote for him.

“Nothing is more important to me than minority owned business. Minority owned businesses were the foundation of the Black community in the 1960s,” says Carmen Moore Ziglar, a Black Republican in Alabama who spoke with NBCBLK on the eve of Super Tuesday.

“I know a lot of black people who are voting for Donald Trump. There’s a lot of people who believe in what he’s saying,” Moore added.

A black Democrat quoted in the article voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but this time around, he’s voting for Trump.

“I’m from New York City, where Trump is from, and we in New York tell it like it is. And I think we need some more of that in the country,” Frank Vick told NBC News. “I think he’s going to bring both parties together, in co-independence, I think he’s going to put the country back to where it needs to be.”

But what about Trump and David Duke?

“When I was small, Donald Trump financed our basketball team to help us stay off the streets,” Vick said. “So, I know a little bit more about Donald Trump than a lot of people. He’s not a racist. He shouldn’t be having to talk about David Duke.”

A black Trump supporter from Alabama is focused on small businesses. Richard Finley said there are “plenty of opportunities within the community… we’re not going to build wealth working for somebody else on their plantation you have to create your own. With a straight up businessman and entrepreneur in the presidency we can begin that conversation again.”

Immigration is an important issue as well.

Columnist Crystal Wright said Trump is “really the only one modestly trying to go after the Black vote.” 

Another black Republican, consultant Raynard Jackson, believes “entrepreneurialism” is the most important issue. “Let’s deal with the Black entrepreneur and make them more successful, it will drive job prospects. Donald Trump is the only candidate that has mentioned Black entrepreneurship. I’ve heard no other candidate say that. None.”


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