Which GOP Candidate Will Lead Us Back to Freedom?

This is a crucial question for 2016. 

Star Parker recently appeared on CNN to talk about which candidate could lead us there.

“What we see happening, including Lindsey Graham’s comments [he called Trump poison for the GOP], is the dividing of the Republican party. People are now choosing their side. Are they going to go with the wing of Cruz and Trump, where they’re saying, ‘We can’t go on like this anymore,’ similar to the 1850s, when Abraham Lincoln said, ‘We can’t go on like this anymore,'” or will people move toward the establishment GOP candidates?

“We’re at a critical cross-point in the country,” Star added. “That’s the polarization you’re seeing in the Republican party itself.”

It’s not about tactics anymore, she said. It’s about worldview. Is the GOP coalescing behind either Sen. Marco Rubio or Sen. Ted Cruz, since it appears Jeb Bush won’t be the nominee?

The GOP establishment wing is saying that if Bush isn’t going to win, “we’d better put all our energy behind one candidate,” Star said. “Otherwise, we’re going to end up with a Trump, who has no clarity…or a Cruz, who is specific, who is focused, and who will make sure [the party] leads the country in the direction of freedom and personal responsibility.”

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