Which Republican Candidate and Which Issue Top the List for 2016?

protectmarriagerallyA WORLD survey of close to 100 Christian “leaders and insiders” named religious freedom as the most important issue and Sen. Marco Rubio as the preferred candidate.

What does the senator have to say about religious freedom?

“The fundamental question in some of these laws is should someone be discriminated against because of their religious views?” he said recently on Fox News. “So no one here is saying that it should be legal to deny someone service at a restaurant or at a hotel because of their sexual orientation. I think that’s a consensus view in America. The flipside of it is, though, should a photographer be punished for refusing to do a wedding that their faith teaches them is not valid in the eyes of God.”

If Gov. Bobby Jindal doesn’t rank near the top, he should. In May, he signed a “Marriage and Conscience” executive order that prevents state agencies from penalizing those who believe that marriage is the union between one man and one woman. Gov. Jindal also canceled his state’s Medicaid contract with Planned Parenthood and launched an investigation.

Christians need strong and faithful leaders to stand up for our religious liberty as well as protect unborn life. Facing fines or loss of livelihood for opposing homosexual “marriage” is only the beginning. And the unreleased undercover Planned Parenthood videos might reveal something worse than what we’ve already learned.

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  1. Ted Cruz has consistently stood for religious freedom. He is awesome!