Why Did the Police Arrest Pro-Lifers Painting a “Black Pre-Born Babies Matter” Mural in DC?

Do black lives actually matter to leftists? The phrase certainly is politically expedient. People who have nothing to do with police shootings or slavery kneel before rioters, who demand apologies and benefits they don’t deserve. If these lives mattered to everyone protesting, then all black lives should matter, especially the lives growing in the womb.

Some city governments have allowed and/or participated in painting “Black Lives Matter” murals on the streets. For example, New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio allowed the city to paint such a mural in front of the Trump Tower. Anti-police and anti-Trump expression in one go.

There are murals in Brooklyn, Charlotte, Hollywood, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Seattle, and other locations. Some of these murals cost the taxpayers. These cities allowed anti-police expression, but do they allow pro-police or anti-leftist expression?

After someone painted a “Black Lives Matter” mural in Redwood City, California, an apparent Trump supporter suggested painting a “MAGA 2020” mural. City officials “quietly” removed the “Black Lives Matter” mural rather tolerate a different point of view.

The mural that started it all was painted in Washington, DC, near the White House. On Saturday, the city demonstrated its intolerance for the pro-life viewpoint. After a college student and an employee of Students for Life for America (SFLA) chalked “Black Preborn Lives Matter” on the sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood, the police arrested them and charged them with defacing public or private property.

According to SFLA, the group applied for and received a permit to paint the street outside the Planned Parenthood. But things didn’t go as planned.

Feeling confident, SFLA team members and students arrived at 5am outside the DC Planned Parenthood, where 6 police cars were parked outside of the facility, and police officers said that if they painted the streets they would be arrested—even after being shown the permit that their own department approved.

SFLA team members then asked if they could at least do what they often do outside the same Planned Parenthood—to write pro-life messages in chalk. The police then gave the same answer, that anyone who wrote on the streets would be arrested. This answer was a clear mockery of their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and expression. That’s why, without fear, Erica Caporaletti and Warner DePriest would write their messages anyways. After writing a single word, they were arrested.

Did Planned Parenthood own the public street outside the building? Why can’t these taxpayers express support for black babies in the womb the same way others support black people killed by police?

Cities that have allowed “expression” on public streets have opened a Pandora’s Box that can’t be shut – unless they shut down all expression.

“We will no longer be silent, we will no longer politely wait for you to acknowledge our rights to free speech and expression,” SFLA executive vice president Tina Whittington said. “The next place you will see us Mayor Bowser will be in court!”

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  1. There are many White people working to defend all preborn children including thousands of Black babies because all lives matter.
    But why are the Black leaders in Congress, NAACP, Churches, etc., ignoring the issue? I would think they would rise up in righteous
    anger at this clearly, evil, racist determination to reduce the Black population supported by so many White elites. There are over 22 million Black lives missing in the U.S. This is will not be stopped until the Black Leaders join in the effort. Maybe Black lives don’t matter to them?