Why Don’t Democrats Want Children to Have CHOICE When it Comes to Education?

Why do Democrats oppose freedom of choice when it comes to schools?

Bishop Aubrey Shines recalled how Republicans stood and applauded little Janiyah Davis at the State of the Union address while Democrats (including members of the Congressional Black Caucus) pointedly did not.

Davis’s mother wanted to use her tax money to put her daughter in a better school, but she couldn’t. President Donald Trump awarded Janiyah a scholarship that will allow her to do so.

Shines said that “historically, Southern Democrats have always prohibited education for little black boys and little black girls, because they just didn’t feel…during that time they deserved it.”

Why is the same party still fighting against a better education for black children, and even poor white and Hispanic children?

What does this say about Americans who vote for the party who opposes educational choice?

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