Why Did Harvard Cancel Roland Fryer, Described in a Recent Documentary as Its ‘Best Black Professor?’

Roland Fryer achieved more than he or anyone else ever expected. Despite a young life with many disadvantages, Fryer got his life together in college, where he excelled. He graduated early and with honors, and became a tenured professor of economics at Harvard University at only 30 years old.

After achieving so much, Fryer got dragged down by the “Me Too” witch hunt. Sources reported in 2018 that Harvard and the state of Massachusetts were investigating Fryer over sexual harassment allegations. Fryer said he was unfairly scrutinized because of his race, but Harvard suspended him for two years without pay and barred him from his research lab.

Harvard restored his teaching and research privileges in 2021, but Fryer can’t advise or supervise.

Fryer, who is no conservative, stirred the hornet’s nest when he published a paper in 2016 called, “An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force,” before the worst of the Black Lives Matters riots after George Floyd died in police custody in 2020. Fryer, influenced by the deaths of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, wanted an answer to this question: do the police use lethal force on blacks more than they do on whites?

According to the study’s abstract, Fryer found that blacks and Hispanics were more likely to experience non-lethal force by the police but found no racial differences in police shootings. This did not sit well with leftists, especially black leftists.

A company called Good Kid Productions released a documentary about Fryer in March 2022. You can watch “Harvard Canceled its Best Black Professor. Why?” below. Professor Glenn Loury, who teaches at Brown University, in March wrote a strong defense of Fryer on Substack (emphasis added):

To do the kind of work Roland does, you have to be more than brilliant. You have to be fearless. And I cannot help suspect that now Roland is paying the price for pursuing the truth wherever it leads. Several years ago, he was accused of sexual harassment by a disgruntled ex-assistant. In my opinion and that of many others, those accusations are baseless. But Harvard has used them as a pretext to shut down Roland’s lab, to curtail his teaching, and to marginalize him within the institution.

I’ll not mince words. Those at Harvard responsible for this state of affairs should be utterly ashamed of themselves. They have unnecessarily, heedlessly tarnished the career of an historically great economist. Again, I can’t help but suspect that they have effectively buried vital research not because it was poorly done but because they found the results to be politically inconvenient. “Veritas” indeed.

Liberals try to cancel anyone who strays from groupthink, even individuals who pursue truth.

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  1. “Harvard”. I suggest that the ‘ivies” have long out-lived their reputation and need to be cancelled as institutions of higher learning. Along with a bunch of other historical colleges and universities. They no longer teach, they brainwash, pure and simple. Most have done just that for quite some time.
    Their value to civilization is severely over-rated. The “truth” is longer allowed to prevail in the world’s educational systems, or Prof. Fryer would have some serious offers from other universities. I wish him well in the future.
    Just sayin’.

  2. Will Mr.Fryer be able to continue His research and development of Great Minds for the Future of the World?
    Maybe he can publish statistics of how many Men’s lives have been ruined by False claims of rape or assault.

  3. Why is Dr. Roland Fryer Harvard’s best “Black” professor? Are there two categories to teach a class?

  4. I just watched an interview of Zac Kriegman who was fired by mega data firm Thompson Reuters, for just stating statistics about the false narrative brought forth by Dr Fryer’s research. Kriegman even stated that one of the compilation tools he used, WAS Dr Fryer’s extensive research. So many in so many directions, just don’t want to accept statistically and ACCURATE scientifically backed TRUTHS, because all they care about is their particular “agenda” and whether it fits. Not only whether it fits, disregard it entirely to promote hatred and division. Thank you, Dr Fryer, for not backing down from what the FACTS tell you and then trying your best to enlighten. There are many very dim or extinguished “bulbs” now in place in the hierarchy of our educational, corporate, and political institutions. It will take many Dr Fryer’s to continue to push against this insidious EVIL that threatens our freedoms. Praying for the victims in Buffalo AND ones that occur EVERY DAY in our urban communities. Also, for the thousands now victimized by rampant Fetynal pouring across our border. Lawlessness must be stopped. God Help our country. People must turn back to Him, or we stand NO chance.