Why I’m Thrilled Trump Didn’t Meet with the NAACP

I am thrilled that President Trump refused an invitation to the annual NAACP conference that started Saturday in Baltimore.

He knows we cannot fix our inner-cities by aligning ourselves with the same race-grievance industry that pushed leftist policies for fifty years. These are the policies that have ruined millions of low-income black lives. As Trump would say, letting the NAACP run our inner-cities is a bad deal for Americans.

It’s time more Americans take this lead. That’s why CURE works to train new black leaders to challenge the old leftist guard who have blazed a trail of destruction across the country by separating work from income. By making welfare a right. By making fathers irrelevant. By increasing drug abuse and school-drop outs. And by inviting Planned Parenthood — America’s largest abortion chain — into every corner of our neighborhoods.

Last night, Larry Elder appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show. Larry lives in Los Angeles and serves on CURE’s national advisory board and we publish his columns on CURE’s news site BlackCommunityNews.com. He explained how the high school he attended, which was featured in the critically-acclaimed 1991 movie “Boyz in the Hood”, remains a total failure. He said only three percent of the kids who attend can do math at grade-level! And the NAACP fights against the black community to mandate that black and brown parents in the neighborhood send their kids to this school rather than fight for school choice!

The NAACP needs these kids to fail so they can blame their inequity on racism and stay in power.

Trump is right. It’s time to reinvest in our inner-cities and we cannot let the same leaders who ruined our inner-cities to continue failing black lives. That’s why CURE aligns itself with people of good moral character, from Civil Rights icons to conservative pastors who are awakening their congregations from this leftist nightmare.

This week, my team met with some of our pastors who will attend the NAACP conference. But they plan to protest! They will be that voice on the shoulder for those in attendance who have that small doubt that the same policies that have failed the black community for a half-century will not magically start to work.

You know that the left accomplished what slavery and Jim Crow could not: the total oppression of poor black Americans.

Blacks and all Americans should RUN from the NAACP. It’s a bad deal for blacks and a bad deal for America.

Thank you for all you do for freedom.



Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

StarParkerBCNStar Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Contact her at www.urbancure.org.

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  1. NAACP is not all that bad. Played a major role in instituting anti-lynching laws. Played large role in desegregating armed forces. Major force in school desegregation. Instrumental in passage civil rights and voting rights acts. Stood fast against housing and employment discrimination against African Americans. Some of these actions were good for America…others, maybe not so much?