Why Is It Hard for Conservatives to Reach Black Voters? — Star Parker Will Tell You

Star Parker recently appeared in a Heritage Foundation video and talked about conservatives reaching out to black voters and other topics. The interview begins around 40 seconds in.

One of the reasons why it’s hard for conservatives to reach black voters is because “blacks have wallowed in liberalism for far too long,” Star said. “Republicans have allowed…this war on poverty to go on for the last 50 years…So now we’re three generations later, you see the dismantling of family life that Daniel Patrick Moynihan talked about when they started the social engineering in the 60s.”

We need a new approach to fix what has broken down, Star added. With the GOP in the White House and the majority in Congress, we have a window of opportunity to make lives better in the inner cities.

“The president himself has said he wants it done.”

We need to get the money out of Washington in to block grants for states so they can be more responsive to the people in the harder hit communities.

Watch the brief clip to hear what Star said about Rep. Paul Ryan, tax relief, small businesses, Ben Carson, and more.

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  1. You can lead a horse to water , but you can’t make him drink it,, “”””We need to get the money””” out of Washington in to block grants for states so they can be more responsive to the people in the harder hit communities. Don’t need to give anybody just money is the problem,, need to use the money and make Jobs,, pay folks to do stuff even if it’s just cleaning up the city, or use towards getting gangs out that sell drugs and recruit young folks


    Ms. Parker is off base on this one. Seems what she is advocating is what the Democrats have been doing for 50 years. Creating jobs and giving people a sense of worth is what we have to do. Dumping more money is not the answer. job training programs are a must have for able body people.

  3. Tax breaks and loans for small businesses for communities that need to grow. There’s nothing worse than streets lined with boarded up businesses. Life needs to be brought into the communities.

  4. Black voters are responsible for themselves. Period. Conservatives are wasting their time trying to reach out to any group addicted to free.

    • Bingo. Nobody is holding a gun on blacks and forcing them to be welfare whores. Cut off the money and the affirmative action BS and sink or swim, homies. I am tired of your whining.

  5. How is that any different from what liberals do? Gov’t money equals slavery. Shut it down. Pay for public service announcements that explain the problems with drugs and families being destroyed. Gov’t is not the solution.