Will 'Black Lives Matter' Movement Protest Over This Murder?

Last night, a black man murdered a black police officer in New York City. The reason race is relevant is because liberals make it relevant.

The New York Post reported that 33-year-old Randolph Holder was a five-year veteran who responded to a 911 call of gunfire between gangs. An excerpt: 

The suspect made it over to the East River side of the bridge and shot at the cops, striking Holder in the forehead. Holder’s partner returned fire, wounding the gunman in the leg and buttocks. The suspect was apprehended at East 124th Street. Police sources identified the shooting suspect as Tyrone Howard, 30. He has not been charged yet. “I heard so many gunshots,” said a witness, Angelique Martinez, 47. “It sounded like there was a shootout outside my building. It’s really scary.”

Some Twitter uses have noted the lack of response from the “Black Lives Matter” movement, fueling speculation that they’re outraged only when a white policeman shoots a black man.

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  1. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! I’m so sick of this politically correct crap. This was so senseless.