Will Planned Parenthood's Barbarism Change Hearts and Minds?

PlannedParenthoodSupportIf our lawmakers can’t or won’t do the right thing and defund Planned Parenthood, at the very least, the Center for Medical Progress’s series of undercover videos could open the floodgates to changing hearts and minds on the issue of abortion.

There are too few Democrats who are pro-life or disgusted enough by these videos to block federal tax dollars from a place that slaughters unborn babies and sells their bodies. That’s a sad reality. The good news is some abortion advocates might be disgusted enough. “Pro-choice” columnist Ruben Navarrette is questioning his stance. There must be more like him.

Mainstream media, biased in favor of women killing their own children, have covered the scandal. We wondered whether leftist media would also cover a nationwide Planned Parenthood protest. They really had no choice, did they? It’s news. It’s big news, with details about how casually the parties involved discuss the sale of discarded babies and handle their remains.

The Washington Times reported there were over 250 Planned Parenthood protest “events” across the country on Saturday. Has the uncover series lit a fire under pro-lifers to put words into action? 

Stephanie McKee says she has opposed abortion for years, but Saturday marked the first time she had ever attended a pro-life rally. Why now?

It was the hidden camera videos, she said. “They just kept getting worse and worse,” said Ms. McKee as she stood outside the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, balancing an enormous anti-abortion sign with one hand and a cupcake given to her by a group of children in the other.

“After I saw those videos, I thought, ‘I have to do something,’” said Ms. McKee. “I felt like I can’t be so complacent and just sit at home and let other people do this.”

(According to the story, there are no Planned Parenthood clinics in the nation’s capital. Why not?)

The Pro-Life Action League’s Eric J. Scheidler said that total attendance was 62,304. “For the first time, defunding Planned Parenthood is beginning to look like an achievable goal.”

He’s right, but pro-lifers must keep pushing. The more we know about Planned Parenthood and StemExpress, the better. StemExpress recently cut ties with the abortion mill, but that won’t help its reputation. The tissue company will remain part of the story as long as Planned Parenthood continues to cut up and sell aborted babies’ body parts.

Photo credit: Nathan Boltseridge (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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