WATCH: What Donald Trump Might Do To The Monolithic 'Black Vote'

Conservatives Deneen Borelli and Larry Elder believe Donald Trump’s plan to deal with the immigration crisis would be good for black Americans. Unemployment disproportionately affects blacks, but Democrats, the party blacks vote for, oppose enforcing federal immigration law. The wave of illegal aliens coming into the country are competing for the same low-skilled jobs as blacks, Borelli said.

Elder said something a lot of people might not know.

“Coretta Scott King wrote a letter about 25 years ago to Congress and urged them not to lighten up sanctions against employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens, because they threaten jobs for black people,” he said. “And there’s an economist named George Borjas at Harvard, probably the leading expert on the impact of immigration — legal and illegal — on jobs. He says illegal immigration threatens jobs and raises for black men.”

Elder said that Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, maybe to a lesser extent, are the only ones talking about this impact. He added that Trump might “crack that 95 percent monolith Democratic black vote.”

Would building a wall and sending illegal aliens back to where they came from open up jobs for all Americans? Elder thinks so.

Borelli reminded viewers that the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights sent a letter to the Congressional Black Caucus about the “severity of the influx of illegal immigrants coming into the country” and how it negatively impacts black Americans. But it’s fallen on “deaf ears.” (Commission member Peter Kisanow sent a similar letter to the president.)

Is anger fueling Trump’s popularity? Watch the brief clip for their responses.

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  1. I back America and the American people and I strongly believe we as a nation with Trumps help can bring this nation back to making this nation about our people. WE the people.

    • You make it pretty obvious with your generic comment that you are either a paid shill, or a student in middle school. While I agree with Trump’s ideas on illegal immigration, this whole “we the people” theme is a turn-off. The moron currently occupying the White House was elected by “the people” and thus proved to the world that a larger percentage of “the people” are either racists who voted based on race alone or they are simply ignorant beyond belief.

  2. Ever hear of Operation Wetback? 1940’s under Truman, he sent home 11 MILLION illegal Mexicans.

    • haywood Jablowme

      so it can be done but the liberals love to tell us it’s impossible.

      • Self-deportation would be easiest & cheapest. Go after sanctuary cities first. Cut them off. Charge people with being accessories to the crime of illegal immigration. Make them back off and make it hard to live here for illegals. Offer free buses back. Offer the first ones food on the buses. Then start with anchor babies, beginning with worst criminal records. Deport & make them sue. Duke out citizenship in court. See how that goes before legislative proposals since everything I’ve described is already legal.