Will Targeting Black Women Help the GOP?

votingpollsWill targeting black women help the GOP win over more black voters? From NBC:

In the last two presidential elections, black women voted overwhelmingly Democratic, casting their support for Barack Obama. A National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and Essence Magazine poll released in September found that 88 percent of black women surveyed said they would vote for Obama again in 2016 If they could.

But the Republican National Committee sees a window of opportunity this next election cycle.

Republicans typically get 10 percent of the so-called black vote. That means an overwhelming 90 percent vote for Democrats. How can the GOP even begin to break through? For some conservative black Americans, the decision to switch was simple. For example, I stopped voting for Democrats after I thought about what I really believed. I realized my values were more in line with Republicans than Democrats.

But apparently some blacks need more incentive. Tara Wall, senior strategist for media and engagement at the Republican National Committee, suggested to NBC that growing economic, employment, and wealth gaps might make black women more receptive to the GOP.

“If you’re voting for Democratic candidates in the past several years, [ask yourself] what have they done to close these gaps? Where are the solutions?”

What will it take to shift votes? The GOP released a report in 2013 about finding a solution to the problem. Among the recommendations: speaking at black colleges and studying past GOP victories in black districts.

Star Parker believes the GOP can attract more black voters by focusing on traditional values:

Too many conservatives very mistakenly believe that black votes cannot be moved from the liberal party.

Politico has identified 7 states as “toss-ups” in 2016. The three with the most electoral votes — Ohio, Virginia and Florida — went to Obama in 2012 and to George W. Bush in 2004. And in all three of these states black turnout exceeded white turnout in 2012.

A 2012 Pew Research survey showed 56 percent of black Protestants saying they attend church weekly compared to 37 percent of the general public.

The black vote can be a game-changer in 2016. Republicans have an opportunity to capture black voters by aggressively representing the Christian values that are dear to them and critical to the future of their communities and the nation.

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  1. Your article explains why conservatives should support Ben Carson for the presidential nomination. He is the ONLY GOP candidate that is sure to win the Nov. election, if he wins the GOP nomination.