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  1. For Dr. Allen. NESARA was announced. 209 countries including us are signed up. What implications for USA, Inc.?

  2. I do not understand what you’re trying to say in this article

  3. Sorry, but impeaching President Trump on his way out the door seems just plain vindictive to me. Not that it’s a surprise, considering that the Democrats have spent 4 years doing absolutely everything they could think of to get rid of him! However, this final display of hatred for a president that many people admire is likely to backfire on the Dems, big time. (Perhaps that’s what Mr. Allen is hoping for?)

    Yes, Trump has a very difficult personality, and he’s his own worst enemy (as the late Charles Krauthammer used to say, someone should take his Twitter account away), but he did a lot of good things while in office – especially his support for the pro-life cause, also his refusal to trust China and Iran. He did things that no other politician has dared to do, and I’m hoping that many future GOP candidates will follow his policies – though not, one hopes, his personal style! – in fact, many already have, hence the GOP’s gains in the House. May their tribe increase.

    • Boy, are you naive! Your defense of Trump is sickening!

      You say the only trouble with him is his personality, that he’s often “his own worst enemy.” It’s not just his personality, it’s his hateful and vindictive attitude, not to mention his obvious contempt for the United States Constitution, which he swore to “preserve, protect, and defend,” particularly the First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Religion (trying to ban Muslims from entering the United States), Freedom of Speech, especially when it comes to the right of political dissent (his intolerance anyone who disagrees with him, his firing members of his own staff for differing with him, his belittling and vilification of his critics through his derogatory “tweets”), Freedom of the Press (his constant attacks on the media when they disagree with him or his policies, calling them “evil” and “the enemy of the people,” threatening to use libel laws to intimidate Anti-Trump newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows into silence), the right of peaceful assembly and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances (his encouraging his followers to assault Anti-Trump protesters during his campaign rallies, encouraging federal agents to use unnecessary force against racial equality activists, regardless of whether they were violent or non-violent, having demonstrators spirited away to unknown locations, locked up in jail without bail, the right to defense counsel, or the right to contact friends and family, ordering federal agents to use force to chase away peaceful protesters from the vicinity of a church so he could have his infamous photo op of him standing in front of the church while holding up a Bible, UPSIDE DOWN, NO LESS, just to show everyone how pious and holier than thou he is, the phony HYPOCRITE!), and so on and so forth.

      As if that wasn’t bad enough, Trump even once advocated that the police should be allowed to use extralegal methods against rioters and alleged criminals, that they should be permitted to execute the suspects on the spot without so much as the benefit of a fair trial! The trouble with that is, a) it’s unconstitutional, because it violates the Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments, and b) it could lead to the executions of innocent people who would have been able to prove their innocence if they had been allowed a fair trial. Trump also voiced support for the torturing of suspected “terrorists,” even though a) torture is a form of medieval barbarism that has no place in a modern day CIVILIZED SOCIETY, and b) “cruel and unusual punishments” are also unconstitutional (the Eighth Amendment). Trump believes in these Un-American ideas because, as he himself said, the law needs to have “some form of retribution.” Apparently, he’s unaware of the fact that our system of justice is supposed to be based on the idea of JUSTICE, not retribution, which is just another word for REVENGE!

      You say that Trump did “some good things.” Well, so what? SO DID ADOLF HITLER, which is exactly how Trump often talked, thought, and acted like. He was nothing but a paranoid tyrant who saw enemies everywhere. Everytime someone said or did anything that contradicted him, he would act like a spoiled, petulant, overgrown child, complaining that “Nobody likes me!” He even said it when the Supreme Court ruled one of his policies to be unconstitutional! His whole attitude was that “I’m always right! Everybody must bow down before me, do what I say, and agree with me 24/7365, OR ELSE! Anybody who doesn’t like that is MY ENEMY!

      He reminds me of an episode of “The Twilight Zone” entitled “The Mirror,” in which Peter Falk (TV’s “Columbo”) played Ramos Clemente, a peasant in an unspecified Central American country who leads a revolt against its dictator and makes himself the new head of the government. The deposed despot tells Clemente that a mirror in his office has the magical power to reveal one’s assassins. Clemente doesn’t believe it at first, until he looks into the mirror and sees his own comrades trying to kill him with machine guns, knives, and poison. He has them all killed, but this brings him no security. Eventually, a priest visits Clemente and tells him that the people are dismayed by the around-the-clock executions that he has ordered. Clemente replies that the people aren’t his concern, that he sees enemies everywhere and is constantly afraid! The priest tell Clemente that all tyrants “have but one enemy, and this is the one that they never see until it’s too late.” After the priest departs, Clemente looks at his own reflection in the mirror, throws something at it, causing it to shatter! He then shoots himself in the head! The priest hears all this and comes running into the office, where he sees Clemente lying dead on the floor. “The last assassin,” he says, “and they never learn. They just never seem to learn!”
      In short, Clemente had been destroyed by his real enemy — HIMSELF! (Incidentally, Clemente was believed to have been based on Fidel Castro, whom Peter Falk, in the role of Clemente, was made up to look like)

      It’s the same way with Trump. His only real enemy is himself! The bottom line is that if he were allowed to remain in office any longer, he would have led America to Fascism! If you doubt that, you should go to Washington, DC, and check out the Holocaust Museum, where you’ll find a sign listing the “Fourteen Characteristics Of Fascism.” As one lady who visited the museum pointed out in a recent YouTube video, Trump’s policies, actions, and general attitude MATCH EVERY ONE OF THOSE FOURTEEN CHARACTERISTICS!

      But apparently, it doesn’t matter to you that Trump is basically a threat to our freedom, just so long as he does “good things” for our country. Just remember these words from a real American patriot, Benjamin Franklin:

      “He who would exchange all essential liberty for a little bit of temporary security, soon loses both his liberty and his security, and deserves neither one.”

  4. If Trump is not impeached for inciting a deadly riot, that constitutional provision is meaningless.