Woman Raised by Homosexual Father and 'Partners' Opposes 'Marriage'

protect marriageChildren need and deserve two parents — a mother and a father. Last month I blogged about a married woman with four children who grew up with two lesbians. She longed for her father. Based on her own experiences, she opposes homosexual “marriage.”

The Heritage Foundation’s The Daily Signal published an article written by a woman named Dawn Stefanowicz, who felt deprived growing up with her father and his various sexual male “partners,” and no mother. An excerpt:

As a dependent child and teen, I was not allowed to say anything that would hurt the feelings of the adults around me. If I did, I could face ostracism or worse. During my twenties, I achieved both academic and career goals, but for a long while, I denied the impact my childhood had had and lied to protect my father and his partners.

I did not see my father and his partners valuing, loving and affirming women. My father’s preference for one gender (male) created an inner sense of inequality for me.

Just so the adults are happy. Stefanowicz’s father died of AIDS, as did the men he’d been with. She opposes homosexual “marriage” and being raised by two (or more) men, and she felt the politically correct pressure to keep her mouth shut about it.

But I am not alone. Over 50 adult children from alternative households, plus ex-spouses with children, and parents who have left the “gay” lifestyle have contacted me. Very few children will share their stories publicly.

As more homosexuals raise children, expect many more stories like this to emerge. A Canadian, Stefanowicz explains how homosexual “marriage” has changed her country.

In effect, same-sex marriage permits state powers to override the autonomy of biological parents. Necessary parental rights to teach children your beliefs, express your opinions, and practice your personal faith are infringed upon by the state when your beliefs, opinions and or faith practices are in opposition to what is taught and promoted at school. In fact, in Ontario, Canada, the Human Rights Commission regulations permeate and surround all public education.

Homosexuality is abnormal sexuality. But people can and will do whatever they want with other consenting adults. It’s not about telling others how to live. I can’t speak for all Christians, but what I want is to practice my faith and speak freely, two rights enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, and to refuse to celebrate perversion. I want the government to leave Christians alone and allow business owners to refuse, on religious grounds, to promote sin.

This is what liberty means.

It’s sad to think of others out there like Stefanowicz — some too young to express their longing and discontent and others too afraid.

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  1. To break the cultural chains and the self made chains of same gender attraction and destructive behaviors of gay and lesbian people go to: BridgingTheGapsMinistries.org for the truth about the LGBT agenda being foisted upon schools, organizations and individuals.

  2. Good to hear from a person that lived with a homosexual couple

  3. As a child development major, I have read lots of research on what a child needs and have the experience of raising 4 of my own and reading lots of books, I did not believe what others said to be true. God bless you.